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I build systems to unlock human potential. 

Go ahead and ask me how, it might surprise you.

I'm currently developing a system to destigmatize and treat mental illness using science and technology

About me

Whether standing at the start line of the Olympic Games, developing a system to address abuse and harassment in sport, waiting to go live on camera, or community building, I am driven by the opportunity to create. I am forever captivated by the challenge of turning a vision into reality to build systems that support people to be at their best.

World-class performance on demand corporate workshops 

Wide ranging leadership capabilities
Keynotes Speaker on building cultures to support gender equity, safety, and performance in the workplace 

Mental health advocate

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I've never felt constrained by what is. Rather I'm inspired by what could be This belief has led me to challenge norms and align systems for people to be at their best.

Much of my life can be traced back to a Sports Illustrated Olympic Preview magazine that I picked up as a nine year old. I was captivated by the focus on the athlete's face and by her ability to carve her body through space. It looked more like an art form than sport to my eyes. I decided right then and there that I too would become an Olympian. Next I needed to find a sport. 

My stubbornness to become an Olympian led me down an incredible road. I circled the globe for competitions living out of a suitcase for over a decade while  learning to overcome the barriers I faced. I soon understood that rigid institutions and norms that maintain the status-quo have only the meaning we assign to them, like the limits we put on human performance.  We can remove all of these barriers by assigning new meaning to them and developing solutions to the challenge.


However, I've learned that we can not consistently overcome our challenges alone. Above all else, my journey has led me to the understanding of the importance of community as my own continuously rallied around me. This is a lesson I don't hold lightly. I am committed to supporting community and helping to share opportunity.

Everything I do is connected to this purpose.

Community Involvement

I am committed to supporting community and helping to share opportunity.

Plan Canada

Celebrated Ambassador & $1M Fundraiser

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Fortius Foundation

Board Member

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Motivational Speaker, Organizer of Youth Camps, and Mentor


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