Olympic Career

Most decorated female skier 

in Canadian history


Freestyle Mogul Skiing

(Re) Creating Limits

Excellence. Grit. Creator. 

Role: Olympic Champion, Torino Winter Olympic Games 2006 | Olympic Silver Medallist, Vancouver Winter Olympic Games 2010 |

5x World Cup Champion | 4x World Champion

What: The only female skier in the world to complete "the Grand Slam," winning all major titles in her sport | A member of the Alberta, Quebec, and Canada Sports Hall of Fame

Why: To unlock my potential and create through movement

How: Passion, drive, dedication and teamwork

I stand on top of the mountain at the start line, waiting my turn. The world’s best athletes surround me, and it’s thrilling. I am ready. I know my moment is right now. I know, because I have built this moment.


My body is filled with power. My mind is filled with possibility. I can. I will. I go beyond to a place I haven’t been before. I am completely free here, in this spot. One last, deep breath brings my mind, body, and soul in sync.

My eyes narrow with laser-like focus, my heart thunders in my chest. In front of me is a blank canvas: moguls dusted in white powder snow, two jumps cleared for takeoff. My skis are sharpened and ready to carve, tap, scrape, and soar my body through the air.

The starter bellows out, “racer ready, 3,2,1, go!”


Over the years I’ve been up, I’ve also been down and broken; hung up my skis for good. But I have never stopped fighting for the space to create new limits.

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World Champion '04
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World Champion '10
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GMP Montreal October 28, 2009 125